Learn English – How is the word “saw” pronounced in the US, specifically, New York


English is my second language, therefore I have trouble grasping certain words phonetically.

When I speak with my co-workers, sometimes and almost always, they pronounce the word saw as sawr, like, "I sawr this movie last night", and I can distinctly tell that there is an "R" sound at the end of the word saw.

Now I pronounce the word saw as in a saw with which you cut wood. I wouldn't say "Hey Mike, hand me that sawr so I can cut this wood", although this would be a better word to be used as there is cutting involved.

This has me confused, do I say "I sawr her" or "I saw her"? Can someone please clarify?

Best Answer

The people from New York who say sawr only say it if the following word starts with a vowel or is him, his, her (in which case the 'h' gets dropped). As far as I know, nobody says "I sawr this movie last night," alhough they would say "I sawr a movie last night."