Learn English – How to call the “list of answers” a student gives in a test?


I'm programming an e-learning web application. Among other things, it involves tests (examinations).

On the context of this application, a Test is a list of Questions. Each Question is a list of Options, of which only one is correct.

When a student performs a test, he must choose the options he considers as valid for each of its questions. I can call every selection an Answer, but I'd like to find a name for the "list of answers" of the student, just like a Test is a "list of questions".

Is there an English word for that? Right now, I'm using "AnswerList", but I'd like to make it more concise.

Best Answer

Responses, where a response is "an answer or reply, or something in the nature of an answer or reply", may serve. Or choices, or replies.