Learn English – How to describe the feeling you get when something exceedingly irritating, irritates you?


Got extremely annoyed today.
But that's not the word I was looking for.

I had to deliver a case of bottled water to some friends living in another dorm in our college. I have to tell you, the sound of tight plastic rubbing against tight plastic is never a pleasant experience. In any case, I had trouble describing the moment to my fellow friends, and they in turn had no idea how to describe it.

You know, the reaction to nails on a chalkboard, or something like that.

Best Answer

Several options are available which might be of help:

  • I can't stand the sound of ....
  • I detest ... more than e.g., anything else in the world.
    A little hyperbole never hurt anyone
  • The sound of ... drives me mad/crazy/bonkers/up the wall
  • The sound of ... makes me cringe
  • That screeching sound gives me the goosebumps.
  • ... makes my flesh creep.
  • ... sets me on edge.