Learn English – How to refer to a collection of paintings by a particular artist


For example, suppose that in an art museum a tour guide wants to refer to a room that displays paintings from Pablo Picasso, so he says,

"This room has the Picasso's."

Would this be correct? Or should it be,

"This room has the Picassos."

Best Answer

A painting by Pablo Picasso can be referred to as a Picasso, but the plural would be Picassos:

"Russians have money,” he went on. “Art dealers from all over world are now asking me to buy Picassos, other Impressionists. I prefer Renaissance, Caravaggio. But I do not buy them. I’d rather invest in my freedom, rather than in my walls."

Picasso's is the possessive:

Pablo Picasso's paintings are sometimes called Picassos.

Picasso's would also be the possessive of the painting:

The Picasso's texture confirmed its authenticity.