Learn English – How to say that a research topic is applicable for different purposes


I want to say that my research topic is applicable for different purposes, or I can do a lot of things with my research work, or I have worked on a research topic which has a lot of application.

How can I say it? multi-purpose research topic? or versatile research topic? what is your suggestion?

Best Answer

I think you should concentrate more on finding the desired adjective to describe your “research work” or better yet your “research results” than on finding one to describe your “research topic,” because based on the way you describe your “research topic,” I think it sounds like a “general research topic,” which really doesn’t give the positive spin that I’m sure you are after.

Here’s one way that you could perhaps put a positive spin on having [had] a “general” topic while using either (or both) of your two good suggestions (“multi-purpose and “versatile”) to describe the “results” that you achieved:

“The topic of my research was/is sufficiently general (or “just general enough”) to permit me to work on multiple applications/issues and achieve multi-purpose/[and] versatile results.”

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