Learn English – How to tell how a vowel should sound like in words


Why does the 'A' in the word "cat" sound different to 'A' in the word "car"?

If I want the 'A' in a foreign name like 'Pardis' to sound like the 'A' in cat, how should I write it?

Best Answer

I don't think there is a short-cut to this, what I know is that you have to use these vowels everyday, as often as you can. I know because I've been there, at first it might be confusing, but as you go you will remember the pronunciations by heart.

You might want to start conversing with native-speakers, or at least watch English movies, music, speech, etc. to help you with your pronunciations.

Here is a link about the pronunciations to get you started: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Appendix%3AEnglish_pronunciation