Learn English – How to write a proper research paper with the use of pronouns referring to theself


I am writing a research paper or report that is based on the development of my own product. Traditionally, the University I study in recommends that a research paper or report must be written by groups of 3 at least; however, due to the lack of students in my own college, I have to do mine alone.

I am developing a certain product that has several types of functionality, attributes and features, and I am required to document all of it. Usually, I would write a paper that would only involve the "author" and the "reader" with the pronoun "We".

For example,

"It is likely that we will experience several improvements.."

My problem is that I came across a section of my paper to which I must explain to the reader that "I" myself have prepared a table that will further explain the product's functions in details.

Is it right that I use the phrase,

"In order to better explain the features and functionality of this
product, I have prepared a table that simplifies and broadens the
information regarding the aforementioned subjects."

Or, is it better to only refer "we" being the author and the reader?

I know it probably depends on the actual author, but I am curious to know which might be the best to recommend.

Best Answer

Is it really necessary to inform the reader of who prepared the table? I think the best solution is to restructure such sentences to avoid having to refer to the agent at all. For example:

It is likely that this will produce several improvements.


For a better explanation of the features and functionality of this product, see Table 1.

After all, the reader doesn't really care that the table has been prepared (by you or anyone), just that it exists.