Learn English – Idiom/metaphor for a certain kind of robbing


I am looking for an idiom or a metaphor that implies or states the act of robbing through violent ways.

The closest metaphor that I could think of (tho, I would strongly prefer to find an idiom) is "Hit people in the head". However, this denotes an act of violence without implying an act of robbery.

Context (example sentence):

A condition attributed by collective thinking that imposes loneliness to me, and the latter isn’t a volition anymore. However, how can I live outside society? Word would spread everywhere I would go, and I do not have enough money to move to another country. What could I do? _____("Hit people in the head"), deepen myself on a dark path and spend the rest of my days in miserable decadence?

Best Answer

I think the most natural English phrase that would fit your context would be "Turn to a life of crime, deepen myself...."

It doesn't necessarily mean that the subject would fund their new lifestyle through violence, but that they would be living and financing their life outside the law.

You could always qualify it with "Turn to a life of violent crime" if the violent aspect is important.

It's not an idiom as such, but then, as Mari-Lou pointed out, neither is "Hit people in the head"!