Learn English – Idiom/metaphor for an abrupt end of a dream


I am looking for an idiom or a metaphor that denotes an abrupt end to a dream. For example, one has a nightmare and they wake up abruptly, having a very unpleasant feeling from this sudden change in one's consciousness (from a state of dreaming to a state of wakefulness).

The closest metaphor I could think of is "abducted from the dream" or "abducted from dreaming" as in being pulled out suddenly and unpleasantly from the said dream. However, the word "abducted" does not seem to be the best option.

Best Answer

When a dream (or nightmare) ends abruptly, I always feel that I was jolted from it.

jolt, tr.v.: 3b: to interfere with roughly, abruptly, and disconcertingly