Learn English – Idiom to say something beats something else greatly in a rivalry situation


Say for example we are comparing the hotness of weather of two countries or cities. They are both hot, but one beats another one to a great extent. Lets say we are comparing Dubai to Death Valley. How can we say in short that Death Valley beats Dubai in hotness greatly? Something maybe in the form of:

Death Valley ____ Dubai in hotness!

But not necessarily confined to the form above, if there is a better way to deliver the meaning.

In Persian for example we say something like:

Death Valley is so hot, it puts Dubai in its side pocket!

Best Answer

The following are forms in which the property of interest is clear from the context; one can use this method for almost any property. Optionally, to mention the property in the same sentence, add Dubai is hot, but..., or Death Valley is so hot, ... at the front of each form.

  • Dubai can't be compared to Death Valley. (Optional alternatives: "Death Valley is so hot, Dubai can hardly be compared to it" or "Death Valley is so hot, Dubai cannot hope to compare.")
  • Dubai can't hold a candle to Death Valley.
  • Death Valley is in a class of its own.
  • Death Valley puts Dubai in the shade.
  • Death Valley puts Dubai to shame. (Mostly used for things that are good. Things like 'skill', not 'heat'.)

Here are some forms where the property being compared must appear in the phrase:

  • Dubai is hot, but the heat in Death Valley is of another order of magnitude entirely.
  • Death Valley makes Dubai seem cool by comparison.