Learn English – I’m looking for a word, or a phrase that would describe someone’s outlook and position


I'm looking for a word, or a phrase that would describe someone's opinion, position, attitude towards some idea or outlook.

EXAMPLE: Let's say you are talking about a travel plan with your friends, and you guys have plan A, plan B and plan C. You've expressed your opinion about the plan A and you said you like it more than the other plans, someone says he likes plan B, another friend says she likes plan C, so your opinions are different.

Now you are becoming more pushy, trying to explain why you like Plan A and start insisting, that everybody should consider plan A, because it's the safest travel plan.

Can you say – I am inclined to plan A?

Best Answer

Actually you are advocating plan A.

Publicly recommend or support.
‘voters supported candidates who advocated an Assembly’