Learn English – Is “Are” always used with plural verbs/nouns?



There's six seasons, dude.

Wouldn't it be:

There're six seasons, dude.

We are talking about multiple items; six seasons. If we refer to multiple items, we should use "Are" in most cases, no?

There's cats everywhere!

There's vans chasing us!

People often use the contraction "There is", plural or not. Wrong?

Best Answer

Here is a discussion from Language Log on the use of "there's" with a plural subject. On the basis of Google statistics, the author concludes that:

The contraction there's is used with a plural subject in informal contexts (such as blogs) by people who would never say "There is [several]". In effect There's with a plural noun has become an informal construction rather than a non-standard one, if you define these according to by whom and how often a construction is being used.