Learn English – Is “for perpetuity” a synonym of “permanently”?


I am looking for another way to say permanently ("not temporarily"), like in:

Starting from today, the rule 'A' will hold _______.

and was wondering if for perpetuity is a grammatically correct phrase to use here? The sense, which I would like to imply, is that something is no longer temporary (and not so much that it is going to stay / be present forever).

Remark: I know that permanently fits well in the particular sentence, however, I need to use the adverb more than a few times in my text, so would like to use a synonym once in a while.

Best Answer

I think you could say:

"Starting from today, the rule 'A' will be effective".


  • actually in operation or in force; functioning:
    • The law becomes effective at midnight.
  • that would imlpy that the rule will be valid until further notice.