Learn English – Is it correct to say: It’s not ripened yet


I'd like to ask you all that is it correct grammatically to say: It's not ripened yet, and I'm not done yet ? Are they equivalent to saying It hasn't ripened yet and I haven't done yet ?

I'm asking because the usual expression for the use of ripe in this context is It's not ripe yet or "It hasn't ripened yet".

Google Ngrams

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Thanks very much.

Best Answer

I like this question - stimulating. I believe the forms of the statements are equivalent. "It is not ripened yet" seems at first sight to confuse present and past but I understand it as shorthand for "It is not (at the stage where it has) ripened yet." The parenthetical text would put the tenses into order but adds nothing, so why bother with it? Similarly with "I am not (at the the stage where I am) done yet."