Learn English – Is it correct to say “The learning curve has always been uphill”


A quick google search on the word uphill gave me the following results:

Uphill [adverb] : towards the top of hill or slope [adjective] : slopping upwards [noun] : An upward slop

So, I'm trying to use it in a sentence like below :

"It was a great time there, and the learning curve has always been uphill"

Meaning to say "It was a great time there, and every time was a positive learning opportunity"

Made a further google search and found following articles:

The Learning Curve ― The first steps are uphill

Travel: Europe – It's an uphill learning curve – The Independent

And in the above articles, uphill seems to be used to mean difficult, like climbing a hill.

Is it a correct usage of 'uphill' with 'learning curve' to mean it as a positive learning experience considering that uphill is upwards?

Best Answer

I would advise you to use an adjective steep instead of uphill as it is more idiomatic when used with the learning curve.

having or being a slope or gradient approaching the perpendicular

[Collins Online Dictionary]

This linked Ngram Viewer and this one show steep learning curve and learning curve was steep are more idiomatic.