Learn English – Is it grammatically correct to respond “Yes, I won’t go.”


If I were asked the question "You won't go to the party, right?", would it be incorrect to say "Yes, I won't go"? If one had to choose between "yes" and "no, would it be more grammatically correct to answer literally and say "Yes" or to address the concept of not going and say "No"?

Best Answer

A simple "yes" or "no" answer would be highly ambiguous. Since you're adding "I won't go," though, it's clear what you mean. Between "Yes, I won't go," and "No, I won't go," the latter is more common. (The concept of grammatical correctness doesn't apply well here because it's an unusual case, not something we have a broad, universally accepted rule for. The best you can do is say something that sounds normal and makes your meaning clear.) Here are a few unambiguous answers you could give:

  • Right.
  • I won't go.
  • That's correct; I'm not going.
  • Correct.