Learn English – Is the sentence structure “because… and so” grammatically correct


According to the grammar I know, I only use either "because" or "so", but I do not use them in one sentence at the same time. I found that a translator always renders in this way. Sometimes the translator uses "because… and so," "not because…so," or "some say because… and so." My editing team are confused about that and don't know if it is a grammar error. Is "becauseand so" proper in written English?


"Throughout history there has been no mention of extra terrestrial
beings living on the planet. Because they do not appear to us, and so
many feel they do not exist."

"And because she was young, and so damn clever and amusing and
wonderful, wherever she made her home, there would be some man who
would fall in love with her." (Crown of Midnight)

"Finitude is implicit in being limited, therefore, because being
limited, and so coming to a stop, is itself part of a thing's ownmost
being." (The Opening of Hegei's Logic: From Being to Infinity)

A quick google search shows 339,000 instances and of which 279,000 in the 21st century (supposedly). I want to make sure is "Becauseand so…" proper grammar?

Best Answer

The first example is incorrect because "and so" is rendered redundant by the usage of "because" (both are trying to explain the cause of the same thing). In the second and third examples, the "and so" is serving a different purpose from the because, and so both are necessary and acceptable in the same sentence.

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