Learn English – Is the term “medior” to express “medium level expertise” wrong


If I recall correctly from my high school latin studies words ending with -ior meant to express a property is more of something compared to others, like superior. So junior meant to be younger.

That's why I'm baffled with medior.

Since English is English and not Latin by tradition it might be a "legit" word. Since I'm not a native English speaker I don't know. So…

Is using medior to describe mid-level expertise is right or wrong?

Best Answer

A quick check has shown that 'medior' does not appear in any reputable dictionaries, not even in ones of slang or jargon. We can conclude that it is not a widely accepted word - not a 'real' English word in any normal sense. That does not stop you using it if you think it will be understood, but most people won't be familiar. Some Latin speakers will probably understand it.

The normal word for "between junior and senior" is "intermediate".