Learn English – it called when something is unimportant for several years, and then it becomes important


I've been writing a paper about a math concept (called "permanent") that, upon its discovery, nobody really cared about it because it has very few useful properties. It was until several years later that someone realised that it is actually pretty important/interesting.

So, as you can observe, I'm talking about something that has been "on the dark" for several years, and then suddenly it was the boom.

How do you describe such thing? Something that was apparently completely useless and then it became fairly important? For context, I'm trying to figure out a nice title for the paper.

Here's a dumb version of the title I'm trying to make up:

The permanent: rise from nothing to something.

Best Answer


... 2 : marked by a suspension of activity ...

The idea lay dormant.

Other possibilities are latent or quiescent.

The latent potential went unnoticed. The idea lay quiescent for some time.