Learn English – It took a huge effort from me


can I say "it took a huge effort from me to read this book"?

Best Answer

First of all "Huge" is an overused word and is used to describe too many "big" things too many times. lol It's currently flooded communications, et al, due to a certain presiding president. It's colloquial use makes it appear gauche and unrefined. Rather, it's better to use words like "an immense" or "a vast amount of...". Secondly, you do not have to say, "for me". It is implied in your statement and the phrasing of your sentence is a bit common. Rather (and especially as a written statement) the sentence should more eloquently be written, "This book took an immense effort to read." and if you want to include yourself in this statement, then it should read, "This book took an immense effort for me to read."