Learn English – Looking for two words


I'm searching for two words or expressions.

The first word or expression means a situation in which there are too many items displayed on the screen, so that they cause a burden on the user and their rendering causes a burden on the CPU.

The second word is a verb that I can use to describe the deletion or filtering of some of the items in order to prevent this situation.

In order to prevent (word1), I need
to (word2) the items before sending
them to the display module. I keep a
list of un(word2)ed items and
generate a list of (word2)ed
items from it.

Perhaps something having to do with spacing out?

(I can't use the verb "filter" because it has a different meaning in the domain, and it seems to me that it doesn't convey the meaning precisely enough.)

Best Answer

My suggestion:

word 1 - (visual) clutter

word 2 - you can use one of a number of words here, like select, sift, pick out, screen out, etc. but filter fits perfectly here and you will need to rephrase the sentence if you don't use it.