Learn English – Looking for word/expression/idiom that describes “difficult to describe driving directions”


On lives in a part of town which has new roads most cab drivers don't know. In effect, one needs to direct the driver to the part of town, instead of just saying "take me to street X that intersects w/ street Y"

Question: I want say that "I am stuck to hard-to-describe directions, while you're NOT."

My thinking is, "while I am stuck to less amenable directions"

Best Answer

"I'm a place that practically needs GPS (Global Positioning System) to locate, while you're not".

I've been in those places before. The first thing I do is get a GPS location with a satellite phone and store that information in my mobile phone so that in case of an emergency, I can send out my GPS coordinates.

The word convoluted comes to mind though:

highly complex or intricate and occasionally devious: I'm stuck here because of convoluted directions, while you're not!