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A sentence is "he's been ducking me" or "You duck your responsibilities" What does it mean.


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Ducking in these contexts normally means avoidance, literally lowering one's head, and often more of the body, to avoid being seen, or being hit by something. A boxer might duck to avoid being hit by his opponent's fist.

Ducking in other contexts can mean to be immersed partly, or totally, in water usually unwillingly.

Duck: verb gerund or present participle: ducking

  1. lower the head or the body quickly to avoid a blow or missile or so as not to be seen.
    "spectators ducked for cover"

  2. push or plunge (someone) under water, either playfully or as a punishment.
    "Rufus grabbed him from behind to duck him under the surface"
    "she was ducked in the river"


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