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What does actually snood mean when someone says, 'He is a snood arm wrestler. He eats more than he trains, but he's beaten some of our toughest guys.'
Does it mean that person who's called snood arm wrestler is kind of lazy to train hard and has some extra weight?
Link to the video, I've heard that word there, at 54 second
The video is available only in USA.

Best Answer

The video doesn't use the word "snood". The actual transcription should be:

MAN 1: Turbo

MAN 2: He's new to arm-wrestling.

MAN 1: He eats more than he trains... but he's beaten some of our toughest guys.

The accent makes it a little hard to pick out that MAN 2 says arm-wrestling and not arm-wrestler because he chops off the "ing" sound to make a very "redneck" style wrestlin'. Likewise, the "to" is actually pronounced tuh or ta and the "he's" is very short and barely has the "he" portion. Altogether it sounds like:

eeznooh tuh ahrm rasslin'

'e's new ta' arm-rasslin'

he's new to arm-wrestling

"Snood" doesn't have a relevant meaning in this context and the speaker absolutely says "arm-wrestling" instead of "arm-wrestler".

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