Learn English – nother way of saying, “broken in?”


I'm looking for a word that could replace the expression, broken-in as in "broken-in baseball gloves or a new pair of leather boots," meaning they are ready for comfortable use. Is there a simpler, shorter word that would convey the same message?

Best Answer

Worn-in, according to Wiktionary:

(of clothing) More comfortable as a result of having been worn often or for an extended period.

From the phrasal verb to wear in, according to Collins Dictionary:

if you wear in something such as a pair of shoes, you wear them until they fit your feet better and are more comfortable

Real-world examples

In reply to Mitch's comment, I have searched for real-world examples of this use as an adjective, I have found some on the Outdoors SE:

But with well worn-in boots I always tend to get more blisters if I wear only one pair. source

Make sure you have proper hiking boots, which fit you well, and which are well worn in. source


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