Learn English – Noun and/or adjective to describe someone who immediately blames someone else for something?


The most common occurrence of this is as a kid: perhaps you misplaced your pencil or it rolled to the floor while you were preoccupied. The first feeling is that one of your classmates must've grabbed it.

This seems to bleed into adulthood for some folks as well, a knee jerk response to irrationally attribute a problem to a nearby human they don't like.

Is there a noun or adjective to describe this? Hopefully one that is pejorative in nature, but that's definitely not requisite.

Best Answer

I'm thinking scapegoat or scapegoating.

Please note that this doesn't name the person doing the blaming, but instead refers to the person or thing being blamed. The act of always casting blame, however, can accurately be referred to as scapegoating.