Learn English – “On one of such days” Vs “On one such day”


Which of the two is correct? Or are they both.

In which cases would one be preferred over the other?

Edit 1: Context
I made other adjustments. Adjustments which included leaving my car at home parked. On one of such days, I see it from . . .

Best Answer

One of such is not commonly used as a compound determiner with the meaning 'one of the type just specified'. This claim is supported by the results of Ngrams for "one such X,one of such X's" where X = opportunity, problem, day, task... . Care has to be taken with a raw Google search to filter out false positives like 'one of such problems as tend to occur in this type of research' where the compound determiner is one of NOT one of such. A Google search for "on one of such days" - "on one of such days as" shows an insignificant number of hits.