Learn English – One word to describe a situation where two people have their first and last meeting in the same place


There are two people who had their first date in a place. Six years later, they'll be meeting in that particular place for the last time because one of them is going to die. In the six year time period, there was a time when they loved each other but now there is just hatred between them.

They decide to meet there. But it's not for old times sake and not for some sentimental value attached to that place. They just wanted to meet over coffee and that happens to be the only coffee shop in their locality so they decide to meet there without giving it much thought. But while the girl is waiting for the guy she realizes that it's the same place where they had their first date (which was nice and sweet but now they only have bitter feelings between them).

I am not sure but I think I could have said that the situation was poignant if two lovers have their first and last date in a particular place. But these people are not lovers anymore. In fact either would be kind of happy if the other died.

Best Answer

Maybe the word you're looking for is irony.

While they waited for the waitress to bring their coffee, Cheryl suddenly realized it was in this very Starbucks where she and Andy had first met for coffee on that misty day in March six years earlier. How ironic, she thought.