Learn English – Opposite of “summary”


What is the opposite of summary as in a Summary Report or A Summary? Common suggestions are Exposition but that doesn't seem right at all, and other suggestions I find in a search are just antonyms of short like long and lengthy. Summary stands on its own as a noun, but none of the others do except Exposition which seems very different in meaning.

In my specific case I have two reports; one is titled End of Month Summary Report and one is End of Month Report – Long Version which is painfully awkward. I'd like to keep the titles short and End of Month Summary sounds perfect. I need a concise, understandable phrase for the latter.

Best Answer

At work I generated a report system with two buttons on the main screen: "Summary Reports" and "Detailed Reports". Does "Detail" or "Detailed" work for you? Can you give an example sentence where you'd like to use this word?

For reports, I have sometimes seen terms like "High-level" for "Summary" and "Low-level" for "Detailed" interchangeably.