Learn English – Person who organizes and presents at school functions


I need to put my previous activities on some form for High School and need to find an accurate word to describe what I did.

  • I participated in event organization in school (helped planning the event, added several things here and there)
  • I spoke at all school events(prom, grad bash, graduation, beginning of school year speech)
  • I was basically the man saying: "Ladies and Gentlemen, today we are proud to welcome you on our XXX event bla-bla-bla", "Now we ask you to welcome our dear Principal Mr. XYZ". Then when that Principal ended his speech I announced other people and in the end I said "Thanks everyone for coming/something similar" and fancy music started playing and event was pretty much over.

Ideas are following:

  • "Master of ceremonies" and
  • "Anchorman".

I consider my English level enough for everything I need but ask your help to not miss this very specific word.

Sample sentence: "He was XXXX at this school in 2016-2017."

Best Answer

In British English the word compère means someone who introduces others during a variety show etc. However, the word suggests a role within a particular show, rather than an ongoing responsibility.

Definition of compère