Learn English – Requesting someone to perform a task without sounding pushy


In writing, I need to request that my doctor perform several tasks for me as soon as reasonably possible. I am almost completely sure they will be willing to perform all these tasks.

I don't want to sound pushy or demanding.

As such, I started writing a list for him, with each item beginning with "Can you please [task]?". The problem with this is that it is a question. What I really want to write is "Please [task].", but to me, that sounds too demanding.

In English, what is a good way to politely request that another person promptly perform a task without sounding pushy or demanding.

Best Answer

When making a request, starting off with "Could/can you please [task]" would be best.

Here is a link to the difference between 'can' and 'could' in this context, with 'could' being a bit more polite. 'Can' would also be fine to use however.

Then, you can add something like "as soon as you are able to", or add a reasonable but short time-frame that you'd like the task completed by. If it's urgent, say the day you need the task done by- but hopefully you'd able to make a request before it's super urgent.


"Could you please send the prescriptions to the drugstore by sometime next week?

Thank you, YourName"