Learn English – Should we write “writing any stuff” or ” writing any stuffs”


What do we use with any? Stuff being a collective noun takes singular verb but again I checked the word "stuffs" is right.So those stuffs is/are?

Best Answer

"Any stuff" is correct. As you said, "stuff" is a collective noun, so in nearly all cases it should only be used in the singular form. For example,

That stuff is expensive.

This stuff weighs a lot!

We can use a collective noun in the plural when it is describing types of itself, but not when describing a mass of itself. For example:

I bought 5 bottles of juice yesterday!

Some of my favorite juices are orange, apple, and grape.

Some of my favorite kinds of juice are orange, apple, and grape.

We are less likely to do this for "stuff", though, because if we are talking about "types of stuff", we'd probably use a more specific noun (like "substance"), instead.

More likely, whatever source stated that "stuffs" was correct was probably referring to its use as a verb. "To stuff" means to force something into a small area, so "She stuffs presents into our stockings every Christmas," would be correct.