Learn English – Single word for-A man who is polite and kind towards women


Recently I was talking with one of male friends, where he expressed that he would be glad to help me.In response to his kind concern of offering me help, I replied "You are so gallant". After a few minutes, when I looked up the dictionary, this is how the word has been defined:

(of a man) charmingly attentive and chivalrous to women (Adjective).
a man who is charmingly attentive to women (Noun).

This word seems to misstate my feelings which is I'm glad that he is ready to offer me help and that doesn't involve any romantic affair. But gallant seems to misrepresent it.I don't see his concern as charmingly attractive to me rather it appears to me great words of concern from a good friend.Is there any other single word to express this? For man who is so kind and helpful towards women that doesn't come under romantic affair-one word(Adjective-preferably)?

Best Answer

If you are comfortable with a genderless equivalent, and if you are in North America, I can suggest


A person of integrity and honour. (origin Yiddish)


Your situation:

A friend said he would be glad to help me. In response to his kind offer, I replied, "Thanks for being such a mensch."