Learn English – Single word stating event date has changed


I have a list of events. A few of them may be cancelled or they may be "moved" to another date. The latter are usually postponed but not necessarily.

For cancelled events I add the state "Cancelled". What is the best word (or short phrase) to describe a date change of an event? Is it "Rescheduled"?

I saw some answers here, but they referred to full sentences.

Edit: As it has been asked for clarification.
In the German sources usually only "verschoben" is used. In this case this can mean "date of event will be changed" but also "previous date of event has already been set to a new date". Im looking for such a word. But now I'm also thinking about introducing a new state in my data model to express the distinction between the state "to be rescheduled" and "rescheduled to/postponed to".

Best Answer

I think it also depends if there is a new date chosen already. If so you can use Rescheduled and add the new date. Otherwise you can use words like adjourned, suspended or postponed.