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I need to typeset a table in a relatively reduced space (it's a two-column document format) and I wanted one of the column headers to read "Static / Dynamic" (or "Static / dynamic"?). I don't think I can have that in a single line, which will already make for an uglier header, so maybe I should just try to find an alternative like "Type" or "Nature" or whatever. But anyway I was curious, I have not been able to find any recommendation about what to do with the slash in this situation, that is, whether I should prefer:

Static /


/ Dynamic

Seeing them actually written I think I'd favor the first one, but neither looks good really. I guess the same issue arises with slashes at line breaks in general (whenever one thinks it is okay to use slashes). Also, I know different style guides have different recommendations about the use of spaces around slashes, and I don't know how that may or may not affect this problem.

Again, I know that maybe the best recommendation is to just replace it with something else, in this case another word or even just something like "Static or dynamic", but is there any specific recommendation to this situation?

Best Answer

I do understand that you won’t have realised this, and yet your Question is one of proof-reading so it doesn’t belong here. It is neither a language nor a typography issue. On any level it’s purely a style issue.

Please think again about everything to do with the design of your table, in the context not solely of this single one but of every table you could ever imagine your publication nee ding.

Consider solutions such as Stat/dyn or Static? or even Stat?. With a binary choice one solution would be to go to the tedious extent of entering either Static or Dynamic in each row but what would that actually achieve, other than boring the reader?

Static? or Stat? or even just Stat takes less space and offers the simpler choice of, for instance Stat/ or Yes/No or ✓/ or if you will, 1/0.

I am a native English speaker and I do have editorial knowledge and the advice for anything is that you look in the house style-book, or you ask your senior or you pay a commercial trainer.

Please be very sure if you have this question you will have 27 others, any of which here could take hours or days of debate to resolve, or for a commercial trainer minutes to explain not only in great detail; not only in the context of your specific needs, but also in a way that at least touched on, if not fully covered several of the other questions.

Then the advice for table cells is that almost everything is down to house style, one of the few exeptions being that RegDwight is right. Static/dynamic should have no spaces and you may never begin any line with a slash. End any followed but do not begin any following line with a slash.

Your question might be legit after you’d looked in the house style-book, or asked your senior or spent a day or two with a commercial trainer. Otherwise I’m sorry to say that even if this were the right forum, you'd be cheap-skating.

jdehesa … it's not just it's like this… ignores both the long-established hierarchy: look in the house style-book, ask your senior or use a commercial trainer and the simple fact asking the Question demonstrates you don’t know whether … it's like this….

Capitalization is subject to house style, not outside discussion. Nothing in a table is normal text. Table headings are clearly forms of title and thus not subject to general rules. That is why whether Static or Dynamic are here ‘specific terms’ is not relevant. They need initial capitals if that is what house style demands; otherwise, not.

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