Learn English – Somebody who comes up with an idea, but needs somebody else to create something from that idea


Here's the situation:

Ideas come in two parts: seed and finalized.

Some people can create many seed ideas but can't finish them.

Some people can't create seed ideas, but can source seeds from others and create a final product.

Example: in Cujo, Tadder's dad is part of an advertising duo. He creates the seed idea, while his partner creates the actual advert based on the seed idea.

I keep wanting to call this Part 1 Ideist (eye-dee-ist) and Part 2 Ideist, but the internet says ideist is a synonym of idealist, which is someone who aims for perfection. Is there a word that means a person who creates ideas?

Best Answer


"A conceptualist would be a great job for firms. A person who looks at various problems in a firm /business and comes up with workable ideas to solve those problems."


Conceptualist and conceptualizer would both be appropriate. Choice of term would be subjective. In the rhythm of today's language, I prefer conceptualist, since the ending is similar to artist, and conceptualist sounds more artistic, whereas conceptualizer sounds to me like a machine, like synthesizer.

To explain: "conceptualist:an adherent to the tenets of conceptualism or of conceptual art" conceptualism: " conceptual art" : "an art form in which the artist's intent is to convey a concept rather than to create an art object"

"An artist involved in the conceptualism movement."


"An artist is defined as a person who creates ...pieces of writing,...or a variety of other types of creative products... a person who does anything very well, with imagination"