Learn English – start a sentence with about?


Can I start a sentence with 'about'? I am sending a mail to my professor and I was wondering How I should start the mail.

Best Answer

You can start a sentence with about, but you have to put your phrase first, and this can sometimes give the sentence a combative tone. This may or may not be what you want. For example:

  • About the house, and for some distance outside the enclosing fence, tall dandelions dotted the otherwise pristine lawn.

  • Shakespeare’s plays have greatly influenced my thinking. About his sonnets, I have no opinion.

In the second example, about is used to introduce a contrast. Since this is a common usage, starting a sentence with about can give the reader the impression that your opinion differs from what has gone before. If you don’t have some kind of preamble, the reader may assume that the contrast is with them.