Learn English – Synonym for “Attention Points”


When writing a presentation in portuguese, my native language, I sometimes include Pontos de Atenção which literally translates to Attention Points. Those are items (points) that one must pay attention to, otherwise the project/endeavor might fail.

It's something like a risk, but much less intense than that.

So, when designing presentations, how would you call a number of items that are important to the success of whatever you're talking about but are not yet to be considered risks?

Best Answer

You could say,

Important Considerations
- Have you eaten breakfast?
- Have you brushed your teeth?
- Have you gotten dressed for the day?

Or perhaps,

Points of Interest
- Price
- Quality
- Time-to-Market

Less formally,

Must Haves
- Two scoops of sprinkles
- Chocolate
- Marshmallow

Or simply,

- Delivery by drone
- Lightweight
- Very shiny