Learn English – the adverbial form of “communicational”


I tried communicationally, but the Free Dictionary doesn’t find it to be a word.

What I am trying to express is that someone is communicationally challenged, basically meaning they can’t communicate very well.

Best Answer

Just because a term does not appear in this or that dictionary does not make it “not a word”. For one thing, the “Free Dictionary” falls short of being an accepted standard in the English language.

But for another, productive affixes like un- and -ly can be applied to virtually any word from the target class to produce a perfectly viable new word. So even if you were using a little dictionary that happened to be missing an headword for something like unceremoniously, no one would ever question it if you used it.

So with your particular case of

  • communicate > communication
  • communication > communicational
  • communicational > communicationally

you certainly you could do so. However, whether you should be creating such septasyllabic monsters is something else again; you might well want to use a longer phrase here instead.

You could just say they don’t communicate well, or that they’re poor communicators. All those, and many others, seem an improvement over the ponderous communicationally challenged.