Learn English – the correct usage of more than one Criterion


I had the task of proof reading a technical document.
The document stated "There are two criterias and both must pass."
I suggested that the sentence should be "There are two criterion and both must pass."
Another reviewer said, "Oh no you are incorrect, just as you would say 'two cats' you should have used 'two criteria'".

It occurred to me that using the form "two criteria" could infer that we were supposed to pay attention to two sets of rules.

What would be the correct usage of criteria/criterion in this case?

Best Answer

Use "criteria".


Criterion = singular. Criteria = plural. "Criterias" is not standardly used at all.
It's as simple as that. The other reviewer's analogy of "criterion/criteria" with "cat/cats" is correct.

"Two sets of criteria" is what would imply two sets of rules.