Learn English – the exact meaning of the following sentence


What is the exact meaning of the sentence below?

We can't try to get away with something in an academic paper that we would abhor in a political debate (or worse yet, in a political advertisement).

The sentence is from the first paragraph of the article 'Being Logical'.

Especially, where does the something belong initially? In an academic paper or in a political debate?

Best Answer

I think it is trying to say that you should not use things that would make your eyes roll when you hear it. For example, if a politician said:"If violent video games are allowed to persist, then everyone who plays them will become serial killers!" Personally I would roll my eyes at this because I know that this is a logical fallacy. One cannot make such as statement without rigorous evidence. We cannot claim that one event (video games) will undeniably lead to another event (serial killers), without substantial evidence.

Essentially, don't use arguments in your paper that, if a politician said it, it would be highly scrutinized.

Hope that helps? Not always absolutely imperative that you understand every sentence in an article, so long as you get the gist of it all. If you don't know a word don't hesitate to look it up as that's the best way to build vocabulary. Well best of luck!