Learn English – The grammar of “by as much” and “as much”


Which of the following is the correct sentence (maybe they are both correct):

Attacks are down as much as 10 percent.

Attacks are down by as much as 10 percent.

Best Answer

Anyway, the word decreased or fell is more common to use then down to show the decreasing amount of something.

Grammatically, the best sentence to write is the second one.

The attacks decreased by (as much as) 10 percent.

If you didn't use by in there, it would slightly state that "something called attack decreased something else called as much as 10 percent. Just like this:

The fund reduced the budget

The fund reduced by the budget

The same thing implies to those sentence too (let's remove the as much as to make it more understandable):

The attacks decreased 10 percent.

The attacks decreased by 10 percent.

Still, it's the grammar rule that I'm talking about. Sometimes people omit the by.