Learn English – the meaning of “far from inevitable”?


I know that "inevitable" means that something will definitely happen, but does "far from inevitable" mean it's more or less likely to happen?

Best Answer

If something is inevitable, it is, as you know, absolutely going to happen. To be far from inevitable means that not only is it not inevitable, it's not even close to being inevitable (i.e., far less likely to happen). Far from inevitable means it's not a sure thing, but still likely (unless action is taken).

Consider these articles:

Don’t bank on Hillary: Why a second President Clinton is far from inevitable


A hard Brexit is far from inevitable

In the first, the author is saying that Hilary Clinton is not a sure winner (which, as we sadly saw, was accurate.) In the second, the author is arguing that a fast and complete exit from the EU is not the only option.

Hope that helps.