Learn English – the meaning of “migration” in “Oracle (database) migration”?


Does the term migration typically imply to or from?

For instance, if I refer to a specific database migration project, where the database is Oracle, would "Oracle migration" refer to:

  1. migrating from another database to Oracle
  2. migrating from Oracle to another database
  3. migrating from one version of Oracle to a different version of Oracle

Best Answer

It is ambiguous...

On the one hand, it may be about migrating data to Oracle. On the other hand, it may be about migrating data from Oracle. It can also be about migrating to and from Oracle. And which meaning is the most correct depends on the context. If we only have 2 words, Oracle Migration, I really don't know which thing is meant.

By the way, before posting my answer, I asked a very good software engineer about what he thinks about it, and he said the same thing - it's ambiguous.

So, context is everything.