Learn English – The places at which a journey begins and ends


In the nomenclature of travel and transport, what are the most common terms to describe the places at which a journey begins and ends?

I think that "destination" is likely to be the latter—but how do we describe the former? My mathematical mind wants to say "origin" or "source", but I suspect those from a less scientific background may find those terms awkward; is there any better terminology?

Best Answer

I think that you actually have the best answer—origin—in your question. It's relatively common and not "too technical/scientific." However, it is formal.

If you are looking for a colloquial alternative, the most common synonym of origin that I've heard is starting point.

The starting point of our journey is Los Angeles, and we will travel to our destination, New York.

Interestingly, you'll see this in Google Maps. The origin box is actually labeled "Choose starting point..."