Learn English – the word for the person who dislikes “Phony” people


I want to know the word which can describe the personality trait of disliking "Phony" people. Misanthrope is too extreme and generalizes hating human race.

P.S: Any word which can suit personality of Holden from "Catcher in the rye" will do.

Best Answer

I think the three best one-word descriptions of Holden Caulfield are "crazy" (his own word), pretentious (a literary critic's word), and idealistic (my word) or unrealistic (also my word). Everybody's somewhat of a phony (see Erving Goffman's The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life). Nobody likes extreme phonies. That makes "the personality trait of disliking 'Phony' people" a normal trait that deserves no special label.