Learn English – Those Two are Triplets


Is the sentence "Those two are triplets" proper? It seems like it would not be correct, because triplets come in 3 and this only references two people.

A similar case would be "He is a twin." I think this is different though because twin is singular, and triplets is plural.

If I was only pointing out one, "He is a triplet" seems correct. I feel that when using triplets, it implies 3.

Best Answer

It may sound odd to say, but the reason that 'triplets' is plural is because two people are in the subject.

Going off of your example with 'twin', you could say:

"Those two are twins."

which is perfectly valid because you are talking about two people. The word 'twin', like the word 'triplet', is a singular word that must become plural when it is used with a plural subject.