Learn English – Usage of ‘commas’ vs ‘commata’


I've learned quite recently, that plural form from comma is commata (but commas is also correct, such as index-indices-indexes). I've learned the rule for German, and I've checked the English version too.

This is the first time I've consciously seen that word (I could came across it before, but I haven't notice). What is the usage of that 2 plural forms? Which is more recent in professional literature (for blogs/twitter&co I'd guess, 'commas')?

Should I, as non-native speaker, making many common mistakes, use such 'finesse' plural forms, or it sounds funny in such context?

Best Answer

Use commas, not commata. The latter is simply not used by native speakers.

Take a look, for example, at Google's Ngram Viewer on commas versus commata:

Google's Ngram Viewer on *commas* versus *commata*

It's not even close.

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