Learn English – What do you call a day that never comes


Searching on Google Books I discovered that 'a day that never comes' has 2.060 results.

As an example usage, among a lot of others, in 'Healing Words' by Susan Brozek it is written:

If we wait until we feel like obeying, we will be waiting for a day
that never comes

I would like to know whether there is a short phrase or expression to refer to a day that never comes.

I focused my attention on 'a never day', but, checking for this phrase, I didn't found anything confirming it is a common usage.

Thus, what do you call a day that never comes?

Best Answer

The commonest idiomatic phrase for this is

When Hell freezes over.

I have to say I loved @Wayfaring Stranger's when Godot gets here but I doubt it will be widely understood. I often use the 30th of February but it is not an idiomatic phrase as such.