Learn English – What does being a team player mean?


Today I was told I would not be hired because I give the impression that I'm not a team player.

I shrugged my shoulders and never denied the accusation.

If someone is a team player, what kind of person are they? If someone is not a team player, what kind of person does this make them?

I believe this was a euphemism for me being a cold, emotionally detached–perhaps rude–person. Is this completely nonsensical?

EDIT: Yes I know what being a team player literally means. I want to know what it infers, or what it could possibly infer. What characteristics are synonymous with people who aren't team players?

Best Answer

A team player is someone who collaborates with others, discusses ideas/concepts, follows the rules, and doesn't put others at any kind of disadvantage on purpose.

A team player does not work alone. There is no I in team

A team player makes sure that his/her team succeeds or at least makes a legitimate effort to do so.